H+H Shareholder Portal

Access to the H+H Shareholder Portal
If you are a shareholder registered by name, you may access the H+H Shareholder Portal here.

If you are not registered by name in the register of shareholders, you can become registered by contacting your depository bank.

You may log in to the H+H Shareholder Portal by use of NemID or a username and password. If you have not yet received a username and a password, you may order it by contacting the registrar Computershare A/S (please see contact details below).

Important concerning registration of e-mail addresses
At your first login to the H+H Shareholder Portal please register an e-mail address, which also will be used to send notice of general meetings in future. Immediately after the registration you will receive a control e-mail with an inserted link, which you must activate by clicking at the link.

If at a later date you want to change your e-mail address, you must register the new e-mail address in the register of shareholders via the H+H Shareholder Portal under ‘Personal data'.

At all times it is the responsibility of each shareholder to keep the e-mail address registered updated to ensure receipt of notice of general meetings etc. in the right e-mail inbox.

System requirements
As a means to electronic communications, H+H International A/S uses the H+H Shareholder Portal supplied and operated by the company's registrar, Computershare A/S.

The system offers a high level of security for the users of the H+H Shareholder Portal. All e-mails you receive from H+H International A/S on the e-mail address you have registered will only include general information available to the market. Information which is specifically for you as a shareholder or of a sensitive nature (e.g. number of shares, voting rights etc.) will only be available by logging in to the H+H Shareholder Portal with your personal login (i.e. NemID or username/password).

Contact to the registrar Computershare A/S:

Computershare A/S
Lottenborgvej 26D
2800 Kongens Lyngby
+45 45 ¨46 09 99


You can access information about H+H's electronic communications with shareholders here

If you have questions, please e-mail them to shareholder@HplusH.com or phone +45 35 27 02 00.