Autoclaved aerated concrete or aircrete has properties that are in demand in modern building and interior design almost world-wide. It is eco-friendly, fire resistant, and provides good insulation. Besides, it is impervious to dry rot and fungal attack and, with its low weight, easy and efficient to work with on the building site.

H+H customers can choose from a range of aircrete products, systems and solutions, for instance:

  • thin-joint blocks and panels for interior and exterior walls as well as foundation blocks;
  • reinforced elements for floors, walls and roofs;
  • reinforced beams and lintels.

Ways of building may vary greatly from country to country, but the H+H expertise does not. Changing long-standing building traditions takes vision and innovative thinking. By being open to new ideas and solutions, H+H can offer easier, faster and simpler ways of building to all of our customers.

Customer needs may vary from case to case and market to market. H+H offers a range of services and solutions to secure a high level of customer satisfaction. H+H's customers are primarily contractors, developers and builders' merchants.

H+H describes its overall approach to the market as Build with ease.

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