Electronic communications with shareholders

H+H International A/S uses electronic communications with its shareholders registered by name in the register of shareholders. Electronic communications make it possible to inform shareholders of notices of general meetings, annual reports and interim financial reports, other company announcements, etc. immediately upon the publication of such news making the communication very efficient and direct.

In addition to the communications being more efficient and faster, electronic communications also carry the benefit of being easy on the environment since there is no paper waste and transportation of letters. Furthermore, electronic communications reduce the costs since there are no printing costs, handling costs and postage fees.

Benefits of being a registered shareholder
An advantage of being a registered shareholder is that it provides access to the H+H Shareholder Portal. Via the H+H Shareholder Portal the shareholders have online access to view the size of their own portfolio of registered H+H shares and vote at general meetings in advance by giving proxy to the Board of Directors or third parties or vote by correspondence.

Please notice, that even though a shareholder is registered, the shareholder will only receive notices of general meetings if the shareholder has registered an e-mail address via the H+H Shareholder Portal. Therefore, H+H International A/S urge all shareholders to register their e-mail addresses in the register of shareholders via the H+H Shareholder Portal. You can change your e-mail address at any time via the H+H Shareholder Portal and it is the responsibility of each shareholder to keep the e-mail address registered updated to ensure receipt of notices of general meetings etc. in the right e-mail inbox.

Access to the H+H Shareholder Portal
Read more about the H+H Shareholder Portal here.

If you have questions, please e-mail them to shareholder@HplusH.com or
phone +45 35 27 02 00.